4 Types of Poor Men You Should Never Date pt 2

Remember, not all poor men are worth dating, yet they will lead the crowd of “she left cos I was broke” chanters🤣.
So here’s the completing part of 4 types of poor men you should never date…leggo.

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4 Types Of Poor Men You Should Never Date.

Not all poor men are worth dating, yet they will lead the crowd of “she left cos I was broke” chanters🤣. In such case, don’t let them guilt-trap, hold your head high cos they didn’t deserve you. Money is not everything – OK, but you really don’t want everything. I will introduce you to the 4 types of poor men you should never date…

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How Men Envy Women – Is That a Woman Driving?

Men who cannot afford nice things for their women (or even for themselves) are so embittered by the thought of their fellow men offering these things to their women.
For many men, women being good drivers is not doable. They can’t even buy their own cars too. And owning a car from their husband is a crime too…

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Why Women Should Not Have Sex.

I often wonder what’s more important to the African society: that women don’t have unwanted pregnancies or that women don’t have sex. It takes two to make a baby. The men that you ignore while hitting the hammer of morality hard on women will eventually deposit the unwanted pregnancy into her. It doesn’t matter if she rejects their advances a thousand times, she will fall sometime and have the time of her life swiveling in sweet sensual pleasure. And because she’s so naïve (as you raised her to be)

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Why Sisters-Only Fellowships Damage Society.

I passed by a friend who was creating awareness about a certain program. She urged me to take a look at it. I glanced at the flyer. It read: Raising Tomorrow’s Women. That seemed attractive to me. Seemed like a show of strength. Like yass, I was going to learn a lot from a community of strong and influential women. Already I loved opportunities to grab forward potentials. You know stuff like that.

So you can imagine my disappointment when all I got was a husband-hunting session shrouded in a myth of womanhood. Highlights of points included…

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Demystifying Rape: An Obsession with Power.

I watched the Hollywood movie, Red Sparrow, played by Jennifer Lawrence. Have you seen it yet? It’s one hellova movie. There is so much I wish to draw from that movie to buttress this rape affair. Meanwhile, the movie has a strong adult theme —no kids allowed.

First, there’s this scene. It’s a hotel room. Jennifer appeared sultry and acted consenting to a sexual affair. The man on the other hand, wanted it violent—typical of a rapist. He chokes her, tears of her panties and enters her violently amidst her pleas of taking it slow…

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How to Sit in a Taxi as a Fat Woman.

But today, there was no hope of a bus because only taxis loaded from my junction. As usual, I mentally prepared myself for the sordid torture of being squeezed and jampacked like sardine for the 10 minutes ride. So then, I poked my head into the taxi only to sight this overly plus-sized woman. Oh no, Oh my wawu! Today is clearly my unlucky day. Who did I offend? Did I forget to pray for protection from all forms of discomfort?…

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