All She Wants For Christmas.

She’s just a girl.

Santa Claus is real.

All she knows about Christmas is white.

With winter plus snow, all is right.

But if white is Christmas,

And all she gets is brown mass,

Does Winter equal Harmattan?


What does it matter anyway?

She may never see the white in any way.


But mummy buys the nicest stuffs,

Even if she has no money all year long.

And daddy sings the beauty of her face,

Even if he’d for long been away making a case.


So what does it matter that Christmas is brown?

When those that matter are around.


Her uncles get her biscuits and she plays in the sand with her cousins.

Her aunts get her cheese balls and she stumps around in their shoes.

Grandma is most excited, she plays with her nose.

Grandpa can’t let them be bored, he tells them all stories.


So what does it matter that Christmas does not snow?

That her family cares is all she needs to know.


Yet with time she wants more.

It can’t be village all the time.

She’s a big girl now, all the fun is gone from yon.


It’s been enough brown.

Grandpa is gone now.

Grandma is out of the village, everyone is grown up.


So even though family still cares,

She still dreams white Christmas.


“What if you’re all alone for Christmas?”

“What if all who matter can’t be with you en masse?”

These she’s told when she dreams white.


Yet She knows she will survive.

It’s only going to be for a while.

Someday she will be out with the snow.

And with her memories, she won’t be alone.


She will find a way,

Family will be with her all the way.


For oh, when she finally gets a Christmas in the snow;

They will see past the brown and know,

That all her dreams were never to waste,

But there they will be to taste,


That what she wants for Christmas…all she wants, is some white.


#Diary of a Nigerian girl.

Merry Christmas lovelies. Did you love this?


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