About Boxing Day: Sharing.

About Boxing Day: Sharing.

They call it Boxing day, yet they say it’s not about Boxing but Box-ing. How does that even not confuse a person.

Put on your boxing gloves jor. All this one na tori.
English pipu sef. Are they not mad ni?
How will you name a day ‘Boxing’ and say you mean ‘Boxing gifts’?

Boxed gifts on boxing day
Image source: Ritz Magazine

I have never watched Boxing and seen them sharing or exchanging gifts in the ring.

Meanwhile, who told you gifts must go in a box eh? So if I gift you a car, does it come in a box? What of pen with jotter– does that one go in a box too. You see where you know book reach?

Okay, I guess they haven’t seen how souvenirs are shared in Naija wedding before. Who has time to ‘box’ it? Which box sef? The carton that came with the stabilizer or is it Eccolac box? Abi makeup box?

Abegi, all this one na oyibo man shangi shangi. White man sef.

So back to the matter.
In my village, 26th December is my village day celebration. Nobody knows it as any Boxing day whatever. Although boxing happens that day sha, because some youths must fight and throw punches. Lol.

Guys will get drunk on beer and of course, the award winning alcoholics will stagger everywhere displaying their own forms of acrobatics.

Banger or knockouts will be sounding everywhere causing kids to run helter skelter, wailing and crying upandan (we didn’t know anything about fireworks– that’s some modern shii).

Fireworks on boxing day

Nevertheless, we would all still dress up in our next-to-best dresses (the best was for Christmas day), put on coloured plastic goggles and circus-lighting shoes. We would then strut around competing with other kids for best dressed.

They were good times yea, until the celebration became obsolete. So now, we don’t celebrate the village day anymore and neither do we ‘box gifts.

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Somebody should just please take me to where this Boxing day is a serious celebration. A girl needs gifts biko.

Cheers. Happy Boxing day!

Girl boxing
Image source: dreamstime.com

How did you celebrate the day?

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