5 Things You Must Not Do On Valentine.

5 Things You Must Not Do On Valentine.

So the most colourfully romantic and sensual day tagged Valentine’s Day has come. The day when everyone is haywire crazy on romance. The couples mend their quarrels on date nights while the singles pine away on lonesome mind travels. In all, plenty of fun abides.

I’ve never been a hopeless romantic (although my boyfriend is) but when I hit a few not-so-nice rock bottoms this valentine, it occurred to me to put together 5 things you must never do on Valentine’s day.

1. Have a Bland Wardrobe.

How can you enjoy Valentine’s day when you’re not rocking suitable outfit! You step out and everyone but you is fashionably dresses. It’s worse when it’s on campus, a hangout at the mall, etc. You feel off, it’s like you’re living in a different world. Like – people really shop specifically for Valentine’s day. What about costuming for a photo shoot to send out Valentine’s day love and kisses. Fakkit! Get out there and shop some fanciful red and white outfit, then step out looking all shades of gorgeous and join the fun. No blandness, no boring look allowed on Valentine!

Girl on petty red valentine gown

2. Get sick.

You very much miss out on all the fun! Imagine when you have spent some good cash on your valentine outfit, even shop some shoes and accessories, only to fall sick on the d-day. Trust me, I know how it feels. Everyone is out there enjoying the romantic air. What if there’s no boo to give you roses in bed and you just needed to liven up yourself, but your body is weak while the spirit is willing. Dang! Appease your village people please.

3. Be Lonely.

This is a no-brainer. You’re not allowed to be lonely on Valentine’s day. No you’re not. If there’s no hubby and no boo, go out with friends. It’s not a day to stay in-doors and sulk about how boring your life is. You can do that on Worker’s Day. Lol. So girlfriend, get your ass off that floor, dress up and get out – even if just to exchange ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ with everyone else.

4. Be Heartbroken.

OK this is officially the worse thing that could happen to anyone on Valentine’s day, especially because it should be “Lovers’ Day” right? So when you not only do not have a lover, but also have a heartbreak to show for the absence of a lover, it’s some high level critical shit. You feel going out and seeing other happy couples would worsen your depression. But staying indoor would leave you deeper in your shit wouldn’t it? Well babygirl, call up your friends – male and female alike. Dry your tears, have them help you dress up hawt hawt and step into the ring of laughter and fun. I mean who else can cheer you up more than friends right? Drink some shots, do some dancing – a lot of dancing actually, then laugh even more. Just give yourself a damn good treat girlfriend. Laugh today so you can live tomorrow.

Girlfriends on Valentine's day

5. Be Broke.

Am I the only one super reluctant to have fun when I’m low on cash? If you’re like me, then this would be one of the worst things to happen to you on Valentine’s day. Money answereth all problems innit? If you’re heartbroken for instance, spare cash to throw around can definitely buy you some good or even luxury fun on Valentine’s day.  Neither can your wardrobe be boring – helplessly boring – on Valentine’s day when you’re not broke AF.

So there it is sisters! The 5 things you must never do on Valentine’s day. Trust me I’ve experienced a couple of them, hence here’s to guide you.

Hey Babygirl, Happy Valentine’s Day!


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