5 Reasons Why You Should Like Money

5 Reasons Why You Should Like Money

I’m teasing you today with a wild declaration: “I like money!” There…you have it. And also give you 5 solid reasons why you should like money too.

Well, it is not new to those who know me already; friends and family. Recently, my girlfriend tagged me to one post that read: “Tag a friend who would become a billionaire by 30”…or something like that.


I literally grew saucer eyes when I read the notification. Hey gawd! See this private jet one posh damsel in hot shades was stepping out from in the photo. Holy Moses. When I’ve not even dreamt of private jet, she was already projecting it for me.


What did I do? Ah, trust your girl. I quickly promised her endless bottles of champagnes and yacht explorations. Lol.

But seriously, you need to like money and I’m going to tell you why.

Here are 5 Reasons why you should like money.

  • First and unarguable, how in the world do you intend to make or have something you don’t like?

I mean, you don’t go shopping and pick up shoes you don’t like or clothes that don’t fit. How then do you wanna do that with money eh? I’m aware that we’re overly sanctimonious in this country, so you hear things like “money is worldly”, bleh. Until you have to beg for the hospital bills of your sick child.

  • Second, liking money means making money. When you remember that lazying your ass about won’t fetch you wealth, which you like, you will just up and do.

Note that I did not equate ‘liking money’ to ‘always asking for it’. No. You can’t be liking money and be eyeing the one that belongs to other people. If it’s not yours, you’re not entitled to it. Period. Hence don’t because you like money, lay all your bills on somebody’s son or daughter so that they will give the lifestyle you crave __unless they decide that on their own.

Therefore use your brain and service your hands so that God will see what to bless. Didn’t he promise to “bless the works of your hands?”

  • The third and most important of the reasons why you should like money is adding value to people’s lives.

Oh this one ticks me most! I mean, the whole private jet hype was great, but I really don’t have it wrapped over my head as having the ability to contribute real value to lives. Too many times I catch myself mapping out plans of how to better humanity, you would think I already have the resources😂😂. To me, there are two sects of people in life:

Those who need help; and; Those who can give help. I crave to be in the latter group!

  • Reasons why you should like money: Having only God to answer to.

See, brethren, if you’re not wealthy and influential, you answer to both man and God. Society will be out to tame you, to ensure you live according to some unwritten dictates: how and when to talk, when to be indoors, when to marry and have babies, even how to worship God.

Typical example: Your husband is seen with your baby.

If you have money: “Aaawwwn such sweet couple, the hubby helps her with the baby.”

Ordinarily: “Such woman! She abandons her baby with the husband. Bad wife. Until her husband will bring in another woman that is homely”. Yada yada… Even when hubby is enjoying oh😂😂.

  • Finally, reasons why you should like money: Have sweet sweet loving. Ooh.

See eh, take these from me: “After you find love, find money”. Super combo. I know this is super controversial because many people swear there is no real love. Well then, stick with romance and add money! Hubby go hear am. See how Omosexy is freshing everyday😘.

A girl is allowed to be vain sometimes, isn’t she?🤪 Thankiu much much.

And ye man, if you want to be successful or remain so, marry a woman who “likes money”.

So now you have seen my top 5 reasons why you should like money, what comes to mind as we talk about your business? Growing it of course! Contact me let’s discuss how we can help you make more money from your business and do it more seamlessly.


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