4 Types Of Poor Men You Should Never Date.

4 Types Of Poor Men You Should Never Date.

Hi girl. I don’t want to think you’re surprised. You really should know by now that there are different types of poor men. Not all poor men are worth dating, yet they will lead the crowd of “she left cos I was broke” chanters🤣. In such case, don’t let them guilt-trap, hold your head high cos they didn’t deserve you. So what are the 4 types of poor men you should never date?

I will introduce you to the 4 types of poor men you should never date. I’m going to need you to evaluate your love life and figure out, if you’re dating a poor man – is he worth it?

Happy couple type of poor man worth dating.

Lemme first make a clear point here. Money is not everything – OK, but you really don’t want everything. No one has everything, even love is not everything. You just need him to have the right attitude to money, to making money, and to you throughout the entire process.



I’m basically making this post because I’ve come across a lot of ladies in relationships that are not worthy of them because somehow, they want to prove to the man – and the world, that they’re not after money. -Afterall, in the world of men, every girl is after money right?


So here are the 4 types of poor men you should never date.


1. The Lazy Visionless Dreamer.

Poor, jobless and unwilling to get productive. He probably even asks you for money. You probably pay for every date because he shies away from hanging out unless you offer to pay. He speaks bogus dreams of how he’ll own mansions and cars in the future and make you his First Lady yet spends his days lazying about and his nights drinking with the boys – who are likely jobless too. Oh his sweet talking has no comparison so he’s a liability that you can seem to get rid of. Deep in your guts you know he lacks vision but you never want to face that truth — because of course he will change. You will pray hard and he will change. He will miraculously become rich and you shall give a testimony in church. And if you leave now, some other woman will enjoy his riches. “I’m not after money” you say to yourself first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Babygirl, you will wake up years later married to his lazy ass (you’ll probably foot your wedding bills), a frustrated sole breadwinner of the family -with seven (7) kids of course- because he may not work but his dick works.


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2. The Lazy ‘Man of the House’ Nutcase.

Poor, jobless, lazy as fuck, yet abuses you – physically and/or verbally. He beats you, then manipulates you into feeling sorry for him. Ruth (not real name) said she dated her ex for 3years. First eight months he was all sweet and smooth, poor but she wasn’t complaining. She loved him and was hoping patiently for better days. Meanwhile she worked as a receptionist in a small firm. She cooked, cleaned up after him, did his laundry whenever she visited, which was very often. Then she got a salary raise for good performance and got recommended to the Admin department, he became unbearable and began to remind her that he still remained ‘the man’ in their relationship.

Ruth couldn’t recall ever calling him a woman though – she wasn’t interested in lesbianism of course!

Ruth figured he might have been getting burdened with his jobless status, but each time she recommended an opening for him, he complained it was either too poorly-paying or unbefitting as he needed something big so he could pay her bride price and marry her quickly and give the world – how sweet! Until she complained that he could afford to be choosy- start small and grow, he slapped her. That was how the beatings started and continued for a year and half.

Each time after beating her, he blamed it on her lack of humility in addressing him (is it because she was the one bringing home money?), or on her incessant complaints of him hanging with the boys every night, or that she wasn’t praying enough for God to bless him with money to come and marry her.

Then he would end with “things will be better soon. My friend knows a guy who’s son to his uncle’s friend and has promised me a job next month with 6-figure salary. I will buy you a jeep with my first salary, take you to Dubai, make you the envy of other ladies. It’s designers you will be wearing. Stop crying you know I love you. It’s just that I’m losing my mind because I can’t take care of you. I don’t want you to leave me. Please don’t leave me. I don’t want another woman to enjoy me when I’m rich”.

Next thing after she smiles, he asks her for #10,000 naira😏.

Are you in this category? Run and never look back. He will be poor for life and will never change either. Even if he comes across money, he will squander it and return to square one. In fact, you will be miserable.

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