4 Types of Poor Men You Should Never Date pt 2

4 Types of Poor Men You Should Never Date pt 2

In my last post, I introduced you to the first two of 4 Types of poor men you should never date. If you haven’t seen that one yet, read it before you continue with this.

So here’s the completing part of the post:

3. The Honey-suckle, Orgasm-giving Fuckboy.

He is poor, doesn’t have a care but fucks you damn good. Ladies are you with me? I see a lot of ladies struggling with this. You met him, he charms you, next you’re fucking him and he’s giving you multiple, womb-shifting orgasms. Before you know it, you’re feeding him – of course he needs to eat well to perform well.

You mention a challenge at work and he offers to kiss away your worries. You talk about some important stuff you need to get or a project you need help with, he doesn’t wait for you to get to the financial aspect of it, he’s already kissing your shoulder and back, telling you how you need to relax for things to fall into place- next he’s licking honey off your nipples.

When you’re not with him, you know your relationship is going nowhere and you outline tons of things to discuss; but the moment you’re in his company, he’s yanking off your panties before you say jack.

Babygirl, you’re dating yourself. He’s not in that relationship with you. He’s the proverbial Fuckboy who lives to give you multiple orgasms while you feed him, clothe him and clean up after him.

If this is your case, decide if you want the dick or a relationship. You can’t have both with this dude. Sorry.

4. The Award-winning Stingy Manipulator.

He is poor, feels and makes you feel money is not important. He’s very shortsighted when it comes to money-making. He keeps ringing in your ears how money is not everything and not required for a happy relationship. He catches you admiring nice stuff, he reminds you how looking glamorous does not guarantee you a husband – or eternity (for this that use the religious cover).

He quickly writes off purchasing anything nice for you the moment he sees the price. Then he smirks: “I’m sure it’s not even durable”, “Why this price, is it made of gold?”, “leave it baby, haven’t you seen celebrities that have all these yet they’re depressed”, etc.

He never sees anything positive about having money or nice stuffs. He discourages you from pursuing big career because ‘simple is everything’.

To make this type happy, just find something pricy and say you don’t want it because simple and modest is the best life🤣 – and he could reward you with a marriage proposal🤣.

So you see girl, unless you’re averse to wealth and glam and good things as well, I don’t know what you’re still doing in that relationship. Better leave or you will be diagnosed of major depression soon.

So babes, now you know the 4 types of poor men you should never date and why. Any other poor man is very worthy to date, if you love him and he loves you too…he will make it soon.

Lemme know what you think in the comment section. Do you have any other type of poor men to add? Or do you disagree with any of the types I mentioned? Lerrus know✌.

And if you find yourself wallowing helplessly in relationship with any of these types of poor men, then you’ll be needing my guide on how to launch a better version of yourseld- Bitchup! You can always reach out to me on Instagram via DM, use the Contact Me form. Let’s communicate.

Cheers love.

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