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My name is Emmanuella Eke, and I aim to make a difference.

I have dreamt of many things in life but not one of them beats impacting lives; being part of the solution not the problem.

I am a Story-writer, Pharmacist, Tech Enthusiast, and a Recovering Procrastinator – I help young people gain clarity, form new and productive habits to overcome procrastination and achieve their goals.

I also love to encourage women to ride far and wide; explore, win, love and lose societal binds.

I love Reading, Writing, Speaking, Laughing, Dancing, and Making friends with Badass women! Below is all the value you gain from my platform.

I have always known where I wanted to be, and tons of ideas on how to get there;  Yet one terrible habit of mind seemed to get in the way all the time!

You guessed right – PROCRASTINATION!

Although there are several reasons we procrastinate, most times we can’t figure out why. This was my case. I’d have a goal and well-laid plan, and still never start or never finish. But then I had to make a decision and I chose to pursue my dreams; to show up for them, to achieve my goals. So I dived into researching why I was not able to stick it out. Following several teachings, I figured out why and how I procrastinate, and practical solutions to overcome!

While the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ are not the same for everybody, one thing is the same for every procrastinator and that is: “Lack of Accountability”, and this happens to be the Game Changer.

Having undergone accountability partnership and exercises in the past months, I am blown away by how much more productive you can be when you are being held accountable, when you are not working alone, when you are in a network of like Minds, everyone aiming at specific goals and cheering each other.

Are you ready to move from your ‘Aha!’ moment to your ‘Yass!’ moment?

My amazing Accountability Network puts you and your goals at the centre of our achievement. We ensure your goals and expectations are as clear and as achievable as possible, and we document your progress every step of the way. When you make us your Accountability Partner, we uphold our own end of the deal and ensure you succeed at your clearly set goals.

Make us your Accountability Partner; take the Productivity Over Procrastination course.

Relax, follow my awesome twists of wild imaginations and entertain yourself. Get all my book series here, updated as I write more episodes.

Read juicy episodes for free. Offer reviews, critiques, and enjoy community.

Also publish your own stories, enjoy benefits and grow your readership.

I say it as it should be said!
I am a woman who is all too familiar with the “Act like a Proper Woman” guideline (especially) for the young African girl.
And I hate it. Bleehhhhh🙄
I host challenging conversations on personal & society matters👌.
Weird? Controversial? Unpopular? They are my opinions.
The humorous and yet enlightening episodes of SSW Podcast helps men understand women’s views and realities better, and helps women evolve better.
New episode Tuesdays.

My letters is where I pour my heart out on all things of personal interest, because in sharing we connect, bond, learn, imbibe positivity and stay up. It is my hope to affect someone positively without even knowing them, help someone get out of a difficult situation without knowing they had it, put a smile on a person’s face without knowing they were down.

My letters have blessed some in the past; I hope they bless you too. I write them every Monday. Subscribe.

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